Boy Wants Horse, Sells Lemonade for Two Years to Get It


Most children want things from their parents – and usually a pony is mentioned at least once. For this young Australian boy, he not only told his parents that he wanted a pony, he was willing to work for it.

Showing his work ethic and his dedication to getting his horse, this seven year old boy decided to earn money by selling lemonade. He also saved every monetary gift that he was given – birthday, tooth fairy, Christmas – you name it, he saved it.

When the community heard what he was working so hard for, they rallied together to help him. His lemonade became a huge hit – he would set up his stand at community events and social gatherings. People would buy his lemonade, give lemons to help make the lemonade, and even just make big donations. He got so popular, in fact, that he had to begin bottling his lemonade in order to have enough to sell at these events.

Some people would buy a cup for 20 cents, and some others would give him $20 or even $100 towards buying his dream horse. After 2 years of working and saving, totaling almost $2,500, Sabastian was able to finally get his dream horse, which is named Tom Boy. Tom Boy is a white pony, and as soon as Sabastian set eyes on him, he was in love. The tears that Sabastian shed are nothing short of the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

There’s nothing like seeing your hard work come to fruition. For this boy, it surely did.

But he’s not done yet. Now he is going to continue to sell his lemonade in order to buy a saddle and proper veterinary care for his new friend.

If Sabastian is able to raise that much money to purchase his pony, there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in raising enough for his saddle and a trip to the vet. Good luck, Sabastian!

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Photo: CNN