Blindfolded Mom Is Brought To Tears After Marine Son Surprises Her At High School Pep Rally

This family shared a touching reunion with marine son thanks to a local high school and some blindfolds.

It had been three long years since U.S. Marine Corporal Stinnett had even seen a Christmas tree, much less had the chance to share the holidays with his mom and younger brother. Then, something amazing happened. At the very last minute, the son was granted leave and planned a family visit.


“I was told last second, ‘Yeah, you can go home now’ and I was like, my mom already knows I’m not coming so I might as well surprise her,” explained the Marine.

A Texas school, where his younger brother played football, hosted the event. In front of a spirit-filled crowd, the cheering mom and 10th grader were escorted to the gymnasium and blindfolded for the reveal.


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With flowers in tow, Stinnett crept through the doors to stand in between his mom and brother. When the cameras were ready, the pair were instructed to take off their blindfolds.

After three long years apart, the boys’ mother was overjoyed at the sight of her son. With tears streaming down her face, she reached out for a hug. Stinnett and his brother were grateful to share a ‘bro embrace’ after being separated for what felt like an eternity.

“Finally getting to see [my little brother], that just made my day,” the marine said.

The surprise was a success! And what does Corporal Stinnett have to say about his return home?

“It’s been perfect.”

Source: CBS