Billionaire Pilot Risks Life to Rescue Survivors of Stage 3 Hurricane Storm

Witnessing the destruction of a hurricane, a sympathetic billionaire flies in to save the day. Literally.

Miguel Fernandez was a Cuban refugee who entered the United States at the young age of 12. He would become the definition of “the American dream.” As a young man, Fernandez founded the venture capital firm MBF Healthcare Partners.

Over the years, he eventually established a sizeable net worth. In short, Fernandez could afford nearly anything he desired, including a chopper.

A stage 3 storm, Hurricane Joaquin divested the island of The Bahamas and Florida

Hurricane Joaquin was devastating the island of The Bahamas and Florida. Miguel “Mike” Fernandez was determined to help any way he could.

As the airport was underwater in Long Island, Bahamas, the pilot decided to airlift people from the island. Traveling over 150 miles across the ocean, he arrived at the horrific scene and began to fly victims to safety immediately.

Once the businessman had located all the remaining survivors, he continued to aid the Bahamians. Fernandez transported and delivered food, water, and medical supplies to the island until complete relief was established.

Victims of the hurricane receive medical supplies they desperately need

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When asked why he felt the need to help, the billionaire gave a humble response.

“I heard that nothing was happening down south, where all the damage was done,” Fernandez says, “All we can do is do what we can.”

Source: NBC Miami