Watch the Heartfelt Moment Penpals of 30 Years Lock Eyes for the First Time

Two young girls built a lasting bond as best friends. 38 years later, the women meet face to face for the first time.

Beth Graham and Sandi Fisher were first introduced through a pen pal program they both participated in. The young girls quickly discovered the instant connection they shared.


Living in Colorado, Beth was forced to communicate with her Pennsylvania friend through writing. And write they did. For decades afterwards, the two continued to exchange long letters divulging secrets, telling stories, and getting to know one another. Funnily enough, Beth treasures one of the earliest letters from Sandi describing a very terrible first date.


Over the years, the young women managed to squeeze in a few very expensive phone calls discussing the possibility of meeting face to face. Beth and Sandi still hand’t made it happen decades later. They both claimed “life got in their way.”


“…we had all these dreams, but she went on to school and I went on to have my daughter…” Beth stated. “Then you get to your 40’s and life starts to change again.”

38 years later, the best friends decided their first visit couldn’t wait any longer. After decades of communicating, the pair finally come face to face. Both were filled with anticipation and nerves before locking eyes.

Watch their overdue reunion in the emotional clip below.

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