Vietnam War Buddies Lose Touch After War- Years Later Discover They’ve Been Neighbors for the Past 18 Years

Two Vietnam War veterans get the shock of a lifetime after a chance meeting 40 years later.

Detroit, Michigan was home to a pair of veteran best friends. Dave Brown and Roger Watson originally met after being drafted into the Vietnam War on the same day. Coincidentally, they were placed in the same infantry as well. The young men’s friendship grew stronger and stronger as the war went on.


As young strapping men, Dave and Roger served as combat egineer specialists

After training at Ft. Hood in Texas, the two finally separated, eventually losing tough with one another after the war ended. Luckily enough, Dave ran into a member of Roger’s company years later. Hoping to catch up with his long lost buddy, Dave asked for news of his friend.


Sadly, it wasn’t good. The man reported Roger had been badly injured. Seven months into his tour, he was shot in the abdomen, resulting in the loss of his kidney. To add insult to injury, complications forced several feet of his small intestine and liver to be removed.

Dave began the search to track down his long lost friend. He scoured the names at the Vietnam Veteran’s, Memorial with no luck. Dave would never know if his friend even survived the war. That fact would soon change thanks to Peggy Brown, Dave’s wife.


Peggy was tremendously fond of bird watching and shared the hobby with a nearby neighbor. After a planed trip out, the woman noticed the “purple heart” license on her friend’s car. She pressed the man for more information and was pleasantly surprised that he served in the same infantry as her husband.


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Almost instantly Dave knew Peggy was describing his long lost friend. Sure enough, he was right. In fact, the couples have been neighbors for the last 18 years, living only blocks away. It had been nearly 40 years since the pair had last seen each other.  The visit was a site to see.


The pair reconnected instantly after sharing some long overdue hugs. It seemed no time had passed at all. Hours afterward, Dave and Roger were still deeply wrapped up in conversation. Since the war ended, both veterans had grown up to become husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. The friends even broke out the photo albums to reminisce about the army days.

The haunting 40-year mystery of his Roger’s whereabout had finally been put to rest. Dave couldn’t believe how lucky they were to find each other again.

“It’s just great to see him alive,” Dave said. “It makes me happy.”

Catch up with the Vietnam vets in the clip below.

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