Barber Gives Homeless People Haircuts – to Try and Boost Their Self Esteem

Being homeless is not comfortable. It is not fun, and it can easily kill your self esteem and make your struggles that much harder. While there is some help that is available to homeless people, there are not a lot of resources to encourage working on self esteem and independence, finding a job, getting clothes for interviews, etc. There has recently been an increase in these types of organizations, but those who are homeless are still much more than those organizations can help.

Nasir Sobhani decided to do what he could to change that. He began an initiative that he nicknamed “Clean Cut, Clean Start,” in which he uses his one day off a week to go and give hair cuts to the homeless.

He has done it so frequently that he is now known as “The Street Barber.” This initiative was sparked two years ago, after Nasir had an encounter with a former heroin addict that changed his life. The addict had been clean for a month, and to celebrate he wanted to get a haircut. He washed the windows at one of the salons that Nasir worked in, and that’s how they met. The transformation from only one month clean really shook Nasir, especially when the former addict’s mother took a picture to celebrate that change.


He encourages those that he comes into contact with on the street to look at themselves differently. During their haircut, he discusses things with them that other people may not be interested in – music, religion, and what brought them to the streets in the first place. A former addict, Nasir knows that struggle too well. Between falling in love with being a barber and his faith, he turned his life around, and now feels the need to spread his knowledge and experiences with others. He hopes that by giving these people real human contact, they will be encouraged and try to change their situation.


“Clean Cut, Clean Start” is a real mantra for him. “The Streets Barber” just wants the best for his clients – even those who can’t pay.

Watch an awesome video about him below!

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