He Was Born With A Heart Outside His Body, See What His Parents Had To Do To Save Him

After two unsuccessful pregnancies, Rob and Mindy Seay were ecstatic to discover they were once again expecting a child. After a routine ultrasound, the couple were told they should plan for a baby boy. Their happiness was short lived at the discovery of a devastating disease.

Using in-utero blood tests, the Seay family opted to search for any possible defects their future baby might have. Rob and Mindy were not expecting the results.

Their baby boy developed the extremely rare disorder, heterotaxy syndrome, causing his organs to develop opposite his body. Immediately after he was born, the baby would need countless organ transplants.

Unfortunately, that would include open heart surgery. Doctors immediately placed baby boy Seay on multiple waiting lists, trying their best to save his little life. 

The big day finally came. Mindy gave birth to the couple’s beautiful son, Lincoln. The attending doctors tried their best to prepare the parents for tragedy, advising them the baby most likely wouldn’t survive the next weeks. Rob explained how hard it was to see his son in such pain.


“Those days were the toughest … his color became purple. … That’s when true despair started to set in.”

After suffering a heart attack as a newborn, Lincoln wouldn’t survive without a new heart. Lincoln put up a strong fight and quickly surpassed his expected lifespan. Soon after, the couple were given great news.

Doctors informed the family Lincoln would be the recipient of a donor heart, hand-picked from a list of various other applicants.

Michael McMullan, the surgical director of heart transplantation committee, explained how close the newborn was to never receiving surgery. 

“We have a list of patients and he was the one we were most concerned about, he was right on the edge,” McMullan stated.

The surgery was performed with complete success and Lincoln recovered in no time. Today, they’re alive and well. Baby Lincoln is a healthy young boy. 


Greatly influenced by her son’s near death experience, Mindy reflected on the other lives involved. In a letter she states:

“To the mother of the child who will save my son’s life, expressing deep sorrow for the loss of another child and deep gratitude for saving Lincoln’s life:

“You and I may never meet, may never speak, may never cross paths, but we will be connected on a divine, spiritual level,” she wrote. For somebody to be able to, for a family to be able to donate their child’s organ during that time is the most selfless and brave thing I can even imagine… Thank you isn’t even enough.”

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Source: Washington Post