Baby Who Wasn’t Expected To Live Has Adorable Reaction Watching Snow Fall for 1st Time

A little girl who doctors thought wouldn’t survive lived to watch the first snowfall of the season. Her reaction couldn’t be more adorable.

Pregnant couple, Johanna and Craig Morton, received devastating news during their 12-week prenatal appointment. Doctors told the couple their baby’s heart wasn’t developing properly, adding that the children’s hospital “hadn’t seen a heart as bad as hers.” They advised the child had a slim chance of making it to birth.


“It was up to her to fight,” Johanna said. “The only thing we could do was pray.”

And pray they did. Before they knew it, it was time to celebrate their daughters birthday! 37 weeks into her pregnancy, Johanna delivered the beautiful baby girl.


Clara Ray was born with a laundry list of birth defects including congenital heart disease (CHD) and Heterotaxy syndrome. The fact the girl survived was the only thing that mattered.


“It is a miracle every second we get to spend with her,” Johanna added. “There were so many moments they told us she wouldn’t survive. We always talked about how we couldn’t wait for her to see her first snowfall and what it would be like. We knew, right there, that would forever be a memory, no matter what happens.”


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When the holidays arrived, Clara Ray took time out of her busy schedule to watch her first snowfall.  Her absolutely precious reaction melted everyone’s hearts. The girl was definitely living up to her name.

“Clara, meaning bright or clear, seemed to fit more,” the girl’s mother explained. “…because if she lived or not, she was and is the brightest light in our life.”