Baby Seal Becomes Best Buds with Kayaker and Never Lets Go

Sometimes your best friends can come from the most unexpected places. Recently Vincent Fejeran was out on the water in San Diego, California, when he had an experience that he’s not likely to forget any time soon. A baby seal took a liking to his kayak and decided to pay him a visit!

Apparently seals jumping onto kayaks is pretty common. But what’s less common is them decided to stay and hang out for an hour!


Which is exactly what this baby seal did. After jumping onto the kayak, it started snuggling with Fejeran and just hung out on the back of the kayak. At first, Fejeran was unsure as to what the seal was doing – he just knew the it had jumped on the back of the kayak and he could feel it breathing on the back of his neck.

Fejeran enjoyed the experience – taking videos and pictures of him and his new friend. He has some pretty great pictures of the seal looking over his shoulder! The seal posted up on the back of the kayak when it wasn’t snuggling with Fejeran, and even took a short nap on the back of the kayak! Looking sleepily at Fejeran, he was eventually coaxed back into the water with food after more than an hour!


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Who would have thought that seals liked humans so much? And I guess there is something to be said of them being the “ocean’s dogs” – especially when it comes to naps and cuddling!

Watch the awesome video below!