What This Baby Does in The Womb Shocks Marine Dad

Life in the Marines is tough. You experience all kinds of hardships, but nothing prepared Robert Charles Cooper Jr. for what he was about to see even though the Marine from Georgia had served four years, doing a tour in Iraq and another in Afghanistan.

His girlfriend, Meghan Merriott is about 12 weeks pregnant, and when she and Cooper saw their unborn child’s sonogram they couldn’t believe it.

“The baby was being very stubborn and did not want to wake up for the doctor to get the pictures that she needed,” Merriott told the news channel. “So baby threw their hand up there! It almost made me cry— I thought it was the sweetest thing.”

The fetus appeared to be saluting, military style while inside the womb. The baby threw his hand up and back down just as you would during a salute. The entire family started laughing after a moment of disbelief.

Maybe the child is paying salute to the family’s history of military service. Cooper’s grandfather also served in the Vietnam War and Korean War.

“[Robert] was pretty excited given his military background. It was right around his grandfather’s birthday so it was a touching moment,” said Merriott.

The couple plans on hanging the sonogram up to honor all those who have served in the military.

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(Courtesy: Fox54/WTVM)