Baby Hit By Train Saves Three People, Parents Start Foundation in His Honor

Ethan “Jimmy” Seccull was only 3 years old when he was tragically struck by a train. Despite the doctor’s best attempts and efforts, the poor toddler died in the hospital.

He was wandering around behind his family home near the train tracks when the event occurred. He and his siblings and a family friend had been outside picking flowers. He had even brought his mother flowers and told her that he loved her before the accident. Jimmy and Amy, the family friend, both climbed over the gate in the backyard to wave to the passing train. As they stood next to the tracks, Jimmy was struck, and was thrown against the back fence, suffering severe damage to his poor little body and brain. This increased pressure to his brain was too much to recover from.

Jimmy (pictured with his siblings Tehya, left and Riley, centre) died in hospital after the  incident

Jon and Michelle, Jimmy’s parents, while devastated by losing their child, decided that their best option was to donate their child’s organs in order to help other families and other children. By making this decision, 3 people were given on a new lease on life – Jimmy’s kidneys and heart valves were donated.

After making the decision to donate their son’s organs, they decided to make a foundation to encourage other families to make the decision to donate their organs. By creating the foundation, it not only can be used to help other families make a decision that can potentially save other people’s lives, it also gives a way to talk about Jimmy in a positive way. They hope that it can be little Jimmy’s legacy.


To make this happen, they have hooked up with DonateLife, which is the Australian government’s authority on organ and tissue donation.

By donating the organs of just one person, 10 people can be helped. At any one point in time, there are usually about 1,600 people on a waiting list in Australia. In 2015, there were 1,241 people in Australia that received organs as a result of 435 people making the decision to donate their organs.

What an encouraging story of a family who took their personal struggle and turned it into a positive organization!

Photos: Michelle Seccull