Doctors Tell Heartbroken Dad Baby Girl In Coma Isn’t Waking Up-Then He Watches Her Open Her Eyes

The parents hoped and prayed for a miracle after doctors explained the cold, hard fact: Marwa might never wake up,  she could indefinitely stay in a comatose state. Marwa’s father stood firm in his hope for the future … just in time to see his daughter wake up.

Diagnosed with a deadly strain of a complex virus, the toddler was put into a medically induced coma. Doctors told Marwa’s parents her body wouldn’t be under as much pressure to perform daily functions, giving the little girl a better fighting chance.


Shortly after, they knew something wasn’t right. Surgeons, neurologists, pediatricians, everyone changed their prognosis. In one of the most devastating conversations, Marwa’s mom and dad had to hear their baby girl would most likely develop severe physical and mental complications, and that’s if she came out of the coma at all. It was unknown whether she’d be able to even walk, breathe independently from machines, or be able to eat by herself.

Bypassing the parents’ wishes to keep Marwa on life support at all costs, the hospital staff took them to court. Eventually, a judge granted the doctors power of attorney, giving Marwa’s mom and dad only a matter of months to petition the law. They needed as many signatures as possible to stop the death of their daughter.


The devoted parents managed to get 14,000 signatures in their favor, just shy of what they needed to turn over the proceedings. They were devastated. In a last ditch effort, the family’s attorney filed an appeal and was able to get a two month extension. That was all they needed.

Eight weeks later, Marwa woke up to the sight of her smiling parents. With her mother and father constantly at her bedside, the toddler was making a quick recovery.

“When I speak to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes even smiles.” Marwa’s father explained. “… we see progress every day and that gives us a lot of hope.”

Watch her roller coaster journey in the clip below.

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