Baby So Excited to Hear Mom’s Voice for First Time – Watch as He Looks for Her

Every parent dreams of talking to their new baby and see their face light up at the sound of their voice. For the Fries family, that was something they were unfortunately denied. Nathan, their 2 month old son, completely lost his hearing unexpectedly.

But instead of simply giving up, they decided to keep pursuing options and to find another option. Both Jami and Eric (Nathan’s parents) were determined to find an option that would allow their baby boy to hear music as well as his parents telling him how much they loved him.

After doing thorough research and trying to find an option that would not hinder the life of their infant, they finally arrived at the University of Colorado. There, Nathan would have surgery to get a cochlear implant placed, hopefully allowing him to hear again.

After the surgery and some adjustments, the couple got the experience of a lifetime when Jami (Nathan’s mother) said hello to him and he heard her. The expression on Nathan’s face when he hears his mother’s voice is nothing but pure joy. He quickly turns around to look at her as she is speaking – a clue that he did hear his mother’s voice for the first time. The way that he automatically begins to smile from ear to ear at the sound of his mother’s voice gives you just such an intense feeling of joy simply by watching it. And then when he hears his dad’s voice, he whips his head right around to look at his dad – continuing to smile the entire time.

What an awesome experience! Science is truly amazing. For the Fries family, I know they are so thankful that their son will be able to experience the joy of hearing his parents tell him that they love him, as well as the amazing experience of listening to music.

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Photo: Fox 10 News