Baby Delivered with Help of Baby Mama Dance

Delivery and pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body. When the mother is blessed enough to carry her baby past full term (considered 40 weeks), she is usually willing to do just about anything to get the baby to come out.

Amber Renee Murphy was 41 weeks pregnant when her water finally broke. She went into the hospital alongside her mother and sisters, only to find out that her labor was going to be considered “complicated.” This was her sixth child – Amber knew the routine and expectations for delivery. But instead of simply sitting in her bed being miserable waiting for baby number six to come out, she decided she was going to dance it out!

The song of choice was the “Baby Mama” song that went viral nearly a year ago. Also known as “Do That Baby Mama Dance” song, but the actual name of the song is “Baby Mama Anthem” by Kidd T. It has quickly gone viral as pregnant women around the world have started dancing to it, whether in actual labor or not. Even the “baby daddies” have decided to join in in some of the videos!

This brave mama dancing said that it helped her to keep her mind off the pain of labor, as well as have a good time. Not to even mention that it helped induce the labor further along! She had originally been walking through the hospitals of her New Zealand hospital with her mother, two sisters, and even her niece; but when her water finally broke while she was walking, she was struck with the idea of dancing it all away.

Her sister, Andrea, is the one that is responsible for videoing the entire experience and even putting it online. She was also the one playing the Baby Mama Song on her cell phone. She gave birth to a healthy, “chubby” baby that she chose to name Bobbie-Renee. What an awesome idea! Go baby mamas!

Watch the hilarious video below!

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