Baby Cries Every Time Parents Kiss

Talk about a drama queen! Ella Hanneken, a sweet “happy” baby from Glen Burnie, Maryland, absolutely cannot stand it when her parents kiss! She has a meltdown, which includes a ridiculous amount of tears and chin quivering that can melt a heart of stone.

Her parents think that her jealousy is too cute – so they decided to film the poor baby’s misery as they kiss.

Krissy and Matt noticed that Ella started having a pretty strange reaction when the two of them would kiss in front of her. So they decided to do an experiment to see if it was actually what they were doing, or if she was just having a very coincidental melt down. They were not disappointed.

Krissy said on social media, “Our ‘always happy’ baby girl has a weakness. She gets very sad when her daddy and mommy kiss. Apologies for the gratuitous PDA but you’ve got to see this!”

The little girl gets so jealous when her parents kiss (wanting all their kisses for herself, I daresay), that she just can’t control her tears! Her little eyes well up and that little lip sticks so far out, it’s a miracle it can return to its original state!

Luckily for her parents, as soon as they give her their attention and kisses, she goes back to the very happy and sweet baby that she usually is!

How funny is this?! Watch the video below!