Autistic Superhero Saves Kids from School Bus Fire

Recently in New Jersey, a situation occurred that could have been a nightmare for multiple children, a bus driver, and parents.

On the way home from school one day, a group of seven children were on the bus. 10 year old Alex Perez noticed that there was a strange smell, and he let the other children around him know as well as alerting the bus driver. Shortly after, smoke started coming into the bus from the entryway.

The bus driver pulled the bus over and started unloading all the children from it, thankfully in enough time to get them all off before a fire completely engulfed the bus. First responders were on the scene by the time the bus was completely pulled over, there to help get the children off the bus and effectively to safety.

Here’s the kicker – Alex has autism. His mother is convinced that his autism is what gave him the ability to notice the smell of smoke and the changes in the environment before anyone else. He apparently has very keen senses, and being autistic means he is very sensitive to changes in his environments – all of which attributed to him being the first one to notice that there was something “off” about the bus. If it had not been for his quick reaction to what he saw, the bus could easily have kept driving them all right into disaster. But because of his accurate alert, all eight people were safely out of the way before the bus went up into flames.

Which it did. Eventually even spreading into the trees and grass behind it. I know those parents were so glad that their children were off that bus!

Thankfully sweet Alex was there to keep all of his schoolmates and the bus driver out of a very real danger!

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Credit: CBS