At 14 Years Old Her Daughter Was Taken From Her, 80 Years Later Their Reunion Made Me Cry

After 82 years apart, a mother is finally reunited with her long lost daughter

After 82 years apart, a mother is finally reunited with her long lost daughter

After living 80 years nearly completely alone, a daughter discovers it’s not too late to find the mother that had abandoned her.

Betty Morrell was given up for adoption as a newborn. After the death of her adoptive parents more than half a century earlier, the 82-year-old decided she couldn’t wait any longer.

The woman had no information about her mother and very little about herself. After years of combing through electronic records, Betty spotted her own birth certificate, something she had never seen more. On it was her mother’s social security number as well as her first and last name.

Enlisting the help of her tech savvy grand daughter, Betty was able to locate the long lost woman, Lena Pierce. She was shocked to find out the 96-year-old was still alive. Her decades-long search had finally come to an end.

At only 14-years-old, Lena gave birth to Betty, originally named Eva May, in upstate New York. The explanation Betty perceived as truth her entire life was a total life. The new mom was a ward of the state at the time and hadn’t been given a choice to keep her daughter. Lena, after caring for the baby for a few days by this time, was devastated. Eva May was taken to Long Island by social services where she would await a very secret and closed adoption.

Living with her family in Long Island didn’t prove enjoyable for Betty.

“My mother died when I was 21 and my father died a few years after that,” Betty said. “I’ve always been alone … until now.”

Lena was beyond relieved to have finally found her first-born.

“A lot of times, I worried about her, and wondered where she was,” Lena said.

“My life is complete at this moment.”

In an emotional meeting, the two share a hug for the second time in their lives. Watch the joyful moment between the mother and daughter after 82 long years apart.

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Source: Inside Edition