Artist Husband Prefers To Draw His Love-Gives Wife One Adorable Illustration Every Day They’re Married

Jordin and her photographer husband, Curtis, celebrated one more year together as husband and wife. Full of ups and downs, the 365 days were quite eventful, to say the least. As a creative-minded person, the man prefers to illustrate the love he has for his wife … in one adorably sweet drawing of their life, every, single day.

Curtis titles each and every sketch with a meaning explanation, silly remark, or exciting statement. The result? Some of the cutest, most artistic creations yet. And we’re not the only ones to think so. The husband’s series of illustrations is actually going to press to be compiled as a book next year! We’re already searching online. Check out some of the artist’s favorite moments over the year, you won’t be disappointed.

I love her so much.


We’re pregnant!


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