America’s Adorable Granny Teacher Turns 102, School Turns Up for Birthday


Still young at heart, Agnes Zhelesnik celebrated her 102nd birthday, making her the oldest active teacher in America.

Agnes’ daughter is an art teacher at New Jersey’s Sunshine School. She began to offer her mother various volunteer positions, thinking they might be good opportunities for the 80-year old to get out of the house.

The initially temporary idea eventually spawned into the woman’s career, spanning the next 20 years.

Granny, as she came to be called, shuffled through many job titles during her time at the school. After a position in the lunch room became available, the school’s administration naturally offered it to Granny first.

The woman sweetly responds with, “That’s the perfect place for me.”

Teaching cooking classes and sewing skills, were also some cherished memories. Every few months, there was a new job request that the elderly woman gladly volunteered for. Being around the children created a ‘contagious energy’ that she enjoyed.

When asked to pick her favorite part of teaching, Granny answers, “Taking care of the children.”

After more than 20 years as an educator, Agnes Zhelesnik was preparing to celebrate 102 years of life.

Over the years, she became a permanent part of the building and was known as the “beam of light” within the school. Others said they had the “luxury of being in her presence.”

Agnes is just as motivated as ever. At over a century old, she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. When does she plan to retire? In the woman’s own words: “They’ll have to turn 100 first.”

Watch the video below to hear about some of her favorite moments as an educator.

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Source: Good News Network