Alzheimer’s Patient in Nursing Home Hears Song from His Youth – Doctors Weren’t Prepared for What Happened Next

One social worker singlehandedly awoke d the minds of patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

82-year-old Bill Paese sang in a barber quarter for most of his life. Sadly, Alzheimer’s was forcing his body to shut down and fading his memory. His wife of 53-years, Jean Paese, says it’s the iPod playlist that allowed her to see “glimpses of the man she married.”

“He’s in there and sometimes we get to see him,” said Jean.

Bringing Back Alzheimers Patients With Music
It’s all thanks to a New York social worker. Dan Cohen is on a mission to reconnect Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients to the music they once loved. The social worker believes it is a key practice to help the seniors retain details about their lives before the disease erased their memories completely.

And he might be on to something.

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