He Was Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s, Doesn’t Stop Him From Becoming A Carpool Karaoke Master

After his father started displaying signs of Alzheimer’s, Mac McDermott became worried he would forget his love for music.

Ted McDermott, now 79-years-old, was a former musician. He had built a reputation over the years after traveling around the United Kingdom. He even earned the nickname “The Songaminute Man” because of all the melodies he could remember by heart.

The 'songaminuteman' as a young man

The ‘songaminuteman’ as a young man

Sadly, after a devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Mac was no longer singing. He had completely lost his ability to read music, follow pitch, or recall the words he once knew. The once pleasant experience in life no longer brought Ted joy. Instead, it filled him with frustration, anxiety, and sadness.

The father son pair have a new tradition during their car rides

The father son pair have a new tradition during their car rides

“After a particularly bad weekend, my last resort was calling the Alzheimer’s helpline. I completely broke down, but the woman at the end of the phone was amazing,” Mac said.

“She listened for around 10 minutes while I just cried,” he explained. “Then when I calmed down, she talked to me a lot about what dad was going through so I could understand what he was feeling. It gave me hope.”

His son, Mac, found a way to guarantee his father’s voice stayed alive. Mac took the former singer to a recording studio. He placed the words to his favorite former songs in front of his father and recorded his voice throughout the next few hours. Mac talked him through the mistakes, the incorrect pitches, and other frustrating elements until the two had reordered an entire song.


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Weeks later, Mac surprised his father by playing the track during a car ride. His father had completely forgotten the two had made the recording. Without a hitch, the former singer began singing the entire song without a single mistake. He even spoke the lyrics out loud, half a measure before they were supposed to be sung. It seemed his own voice was the link to his memory.

His son was so grateful to see his father in song once more. The car ride even sparked a new tradition.

“Now it’s become a thing that we both do together,” Mac said. “It’s really bonded us.”

To thank the organization that inspired Mac’s heartwarming idea, the two created an online fundraising page for the “SongaMinute Man” Since its inception, more than $100,000 has been donated to the Alzheimer’s Society. Mac hopes their story will offer hope to other families in similar situations.

“There will be tough days,” Mac said. “But keep strong. You can do it.”

Watch the recording as our SongAMinute Man breaks into song after so many years in silence.

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Source: Fox News