After Wedding Is Called Off Generous Woman Gifts $2,100 Engagement Ring to Couple Fighting Cancer

One woman’s broken off engagement becomes another couple’s matrimonial miracle.

The engagement to her college sweetheart hadn’t gone as planned. Instead of pawning her once precious ring, an anonymous woman paid it forward by donating the $2,100 piece of jewelry to a deserving couple.


After posting her proposition on Facebook, the New Mexico resident received countless applicants wishing to be the lucky recipients. However, one couple in particular stood out from the bunch. The story of Josh and Laura was one to pull at the heart strings.

Soon after proposing to Laura, Josh was diagnosed with a rare, most likely fatal strain of stage four cancer. The costs from chemotherapy, prescription drugs, and doctor’s visits quickly added up. Unfortunately, Josh was forced to choose between the life-saving medical treatments and purchasing a ring for the love of his life.


Laura was a saint through the entire ordeal. She wasn’t a bit phased by the fact she was engaged with out a diamond to prove it.

“To break up and to give up would have been worse to me than for him to pass away,” said Laura.

Offering the love and support her fiancee needed, the young woman focused solely on their future together.


Seeing Laura and Josh go through such intense hardships so early on, the ring donor knew they would stand the test of time. She had found the couple she was searching for. After hearing the joyous news, Josh made it a point to celebrate….with a second proposal to his fiancee. The vintage style ring couldn’t have been more perfect.

What started as a saddening tale turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“I didn’t want it to become another pawn shop ring,” the owner explained. “For me, it was a symbol of love and happiness.”

Source: ABC News