After He’s Released Into the Wild, Adorable Kangaroo Returns for Daily Hug with Teddy Bear Bestie

Australian wildlife rehabilitator Gillian Abbot kindly rescued an orphaned kangaroo after finding him on the side of a highway.

“We don’t know whether his mother had died either through a car accident or a dog attack, or whether he was simply abandoned,” she said.


The woman named the two-month-old, ‘Doodlebug’ and promptly gave him a stuffed teddy bear to keep as a friend. The baby ‘roo was instantly in love with the creature. Everywhere Dooglebug went, his teddy bear bestie followed.

As Doodlebug was nearly fully grown, Gillian knew it was time for a “soft return” to the wild. “Testing his wings,” the kangaroo would come and go as he pleased, returning to the rehabilitation center for food and water.

Everyday, Doodlebug returned. Coming to hug the stuffed bear that comforted him as a baby ‘roo.

Whatever happened to him, it seems that Doodlebug has found a way to cope, the teddy bear.

Source: USA Today