After Bride Texts Invitation to Stranger, She Gets These HILARIOUS Wedding Photos

One wedding photoshoot took an unexpected turn after the bride sent an invite to the wrong number. This ones for the books.

Kristen and Rob were happy to get married with loving family and friends surrounding them. After sending out formal invitations to the ceremony, Kristen followed up with invites to the wedding photoshoot and barbecue (since the ceremony would actually take place in England). She accidentally managed to text the wrong number…resulting in this now viral, and hilarious story.

The text reads, “BBQ and wedding photos this Saturday, June 14th from 4-7. Our address is 208 Mill Street. Be there!” The man who received the message surprisingly responds to Kristen, asking who she is. After the woman politely explains, “Rob’s (soon to be) wife,” he informs her she does indeed have the wrong number but that him and his “boys will be there.”



By then, it’s far too late for the bride to rescind her offer. After an apology, the woman tried to explain it’s “not an invite to strangers.” Then, Kristen gets the iconic text message back: “we still coming.”


And they sure did. The hilarious wedding photos show “the crew” posing with the bridal party throughout most of the pictures. The couple’s wedding BBQ and photoshoot turned into a viral phenomenon. And you can see why! At least they’ll have a funny story for the grandchildren!


Source: Daily Mail