After 70 Years Together, 98-Year-Old Lovebirds Celebrate Anniversay Recreating Original Wedding Photo

After decades together, Cao Yuehua and Wang Devi were still in love! Celebrating 70 years of marriage, they went back to the day it all began.

At 98-years old, the Chinese couple were still alive and well. More importantly, they were still married! The lovebirds first met during the 1940’s after simultaneously fleeing Shanghai during WWII.


They spent most of their early years apart after Yuehua was sent to Burma to work as a translator. Luckily, that didn’t prevent the husband and wife from keeping the romance alive!

Yuehua, fluent in three languages, was an impressive poet. Forced to communicate solely in writing, the lovesick young man sent frequent and romantic love letters to Devi, reminding her of his plan to propose after returning home.


Yuehua and Deviwere married in a beautiful ceremony at Chongqing’s Northern Hot Springs. Seventy years later, they returned to recreate their original wedding photo in the most adorable photo shoot yet.

What are the 89-year-olds’ tips for a lasting marriage?

“Couples need to care for each other,” Yuehua explained. “I think of her at any time, and so does she [of me].”


Source: ABC News