Nurse of 33 Years Is Celebrated for Service-33 Years Worth of Patients Surprise Her with Revisit

One nurse receives a surprise to commemorate the time she spent saving others.

Renee was a well known NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. Working with intensive care patients, Renee watched infants suffer, unsure if they would even make it through the night. The woman’s emotionally draining career of 33 years hadn’t tarnished her kind heart and gentle touch.


As a thank you for Renee’s hard work over the many years, her co-workers and the hospital staff came together to create a shocking surprise. They would remind Renee just how many lives she touched during the past three decades. After being escorted to a the location, Renee was told she would watch a video with a special message from her parents. The nurse couldn’t have predicted what happened next.


Every child Renee saved and nursed back to health traveled back to the hospital to show love and support. Babies, toddlers, and even grown adults lined the room, completely unannounced. The overwhelming experience brought the tenderhearted NICU nurse to tears.

When asked why she dedicated her life to the service of others, Renee responded, “I love taking care of these babies. I don’t do it for any sort of thank you…but it’s wonderful to appreciated.”

Watch her reaction in the clip below.

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Source: Fox News