Adorable Dog Battling Cancer Can’t Sit Up – But He Loves to Go on Walks

Maverick was just a puppy when he was rescued by his parents, Joey Maxwell and his wife. Apparently, he had been living in the woods by himself, and was not only close to starvation, but was also in a kill-shelter and quite near his own depart date. But as soon as the Maxwell’s walked in, they knew he was going to be coming home with them. It was love at first sight, from both parties.


Two years ago, the Maxwell family was devastated when Maverick was found to have lymphoma. But they decided he wouldn’t face it alone, and went ahead and got him into chemotherapy with high hopes. These were fulfilled when he went into remission, and the family (especially Maverick) hadn’t missed a beat.

Two months ago, the Maxwell’s were again brought an upsetting tale when they found out that Maverick’s cancer was back. They again were going to go through with chemo, but those ideas were put on hold one morning when they woke up to Maverick being unable to move. He couldn’t stand or even raise his head. He was shaking. They rushed him to the vet, and he was found to be anemic with a low grade fever. The vet kept him for observation for a couple of days, but then Maverick was allowed to go home, with the understanding that he was on his last leg. They didn’t expect him to last much longer, and he was too weak to go through chemo.


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Maverick still retained a strong spirit and his sweet personality. His parents were determined to make his last few weeks his last, regardless of how long those last days lasted. They decided that if he couldn’t go on walks on his leash, they would make a wagon to carry him on his dog bed. They visited the local Lowe’s, and were distraught to find out that there were no wagons left. There had recently been a hurricane, and everyone had bought the wagons apparently. The Maxwells talked with the manager, telling him what he wanted to do for his sweet dog. The manager called around and got him a wagon within five minutes, and they even built him what he wanted, and then gave him a fifty percent discount for it. It was a tearful exchange but the beginning of something that would quickly create smiles for everyone.


They took Maverick on his walks, through downtown, on his wagon. He quickly became famous. He loved the attention, and the people loved him.

That’s when something changed, again.

Maverick began lifting his head! He even began moving and can now even sit up on his own. The vet even thinks that he is healthy enough to begin chemo! The Maxwells are always optimistic, but are also overwhelmed with the fantastic love and support that Maverick has gotten. No matter the outcome, Maverick has had a wonderful experience these past few weeks, and they have brought him an incredible amount of joy.


You can follow Maverick’s progress on this special Facebook page or you can help with the cost of his medical treatment here

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Photos: Joey Maxwell