Adorable Cow Thinks It’s a Dog After Being Raised Like One

She goes by the name “Beryl the Braham”. She’s an 8 month old cow who thinks she’s a dog.

Beryl was a baby when her mother died – only 2 days old. Sally, her owner, then began to care for the cow, bottle feeding her, and spending time with her and her two puppies. Soon, Beryl just became a part of the family. Beryl expected Sally to come out and feed her and spend time with her, and Beryl loved hanging out with the puppies. She loves to snuggle with Sally, along with Fred and Wilma, the puppies she’s grown up with. She was even let into the house when she was still a baby.


But now that Beryl is 8 months old and very large, she hasn’t been let into the house recently. But that doesn’t stop this sweet creature from trying! Every time she sees an open door, she’s liable to try and come into the house. One day when Sally and Jake were out of the house, they came home to a huge surprise laying on their living room rug!

Beryl had finally done it. She had gotten into the house again, after many months of not being able to come inside. Apparently someone had left one of the doors open, and she decided to just come right in! Sally and Jake were shocked to see the cow inside the house, and quickly ushered her outside, laughing the entire time.


Because of her upbringing, Beryl is unlike any other cow they’ve ever had. (And probably from any cow, ever, let’s be real).

Beryl is still likely to act like a dog – following Jake and Sally around the farm, playing with the dogs, still snuggling like when she was a baby. Her upbringing has not completely left her, and she’s showing what can happen when you spend time with a cow like she’s a dog. She’s still a part of the family – just an even bigger part now!

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Pictures: Beryl the Braham Facebook