Acid Burned Dog Becomes Therapy Dog for Burn Victims

Last year in Southern California, a golden retriever named Fergus was brutally attacked and hurt in an acid attack. The poor dog had third-degree burns all over his body. He was found in a walmart parking lot and taken to a nearby shelter where they helped him to recover. The burns were from his neck to his tail along his back.


He was then adopted by a family in Calabasas named Vic and Angel Benoun, and has made an amazing recovery. They also hope to enable him to help others who went through something similar to his potentially devastating experience.


Millan said, “The more you went through, the more you can empathize. So for Fergus to go through burns, then go and help (other people) move on from that experience, I think he is the right ambassador for it.”


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Thankfully, because he recovered very well, he is now currently training to become a therapy dog for burn victims. His human parents thought it would be a great way to use his terrible experience to help others. They believe he has a wonderful personality that would be perfect to help encourage other burn victims. He also got to make an appearance on Cesar Millan’s new TV show, “dog whisperer.” Millan is helping with his obedience training so he can become a therapy dog.


Since his devastating experience went public, people have been sending in all kinds of toys, treats, and money to the shelter he was recovering in to support them. There was even a GoFunMe account created for Fergus and his recovery!

It will definitely be an exciting adventure for Fergus, after his initial experience in life. He deserves to have a great life from here on out, and I’m sure he will be a wonderful therapy dog!

Photos: ABC, NBC, GoFundMe