Abandoned Pups Cry for Help Inside Shelter, Then Cameras Capture This Unlikely Animal Hero

At Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming, an empty nester retriever finds a new place to fit in.

Located in Canada, the boarding center is known for finding the best homes for animals. One night, they received a brand new litter of puppies. Feeling abandoned without their mother, the newborns were crying their first night at the kennel.

Maggie, a sweet maternal dog herself, heard their precious cries and came to their rescue.

After the staff had left for the night, they checked the security cameras to make sure there was no unusual activity. What did they find? Sweet Maggie sitting directly in front of the puppies’ cage. She had somehow escaped her kennel and went to comfort them.

Maggie, the golden retriever, anxiously wait to comfort the crying litter of puppies

As having had a litter of puppies herself, Maggie was able to provide the milk the 10-week-old puppies needed.

Alex Alred, an employee at Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming, suspected the golden retriever missed her own litter that had recently been adopted out to loving homes.

We think that’s why she got so attached to the puppies…It’s innate in a lot of female dogs, especially if they’ve had a litter in the past,” Alred said.

Maggie comforts the litter of puppies during their first night in the kennel

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Alfred called and informed another employee currently at the shelter that Maggie had escaped. The worker found the loving dog and was instructed to let her stay the night with the puppies. 

The mother was motioned inside and immediately made herself at home, cuddling and nuzzling the pups.

“When we came back in the morning they were all still cuddled up together…It’s just in their nature… when they hear other puppies crying they want to console them and make sure they’re feeling safe,” Alfred said of Maggie.

Source: ABC News