A Voice Made Her Miss Work… So She Could End Up Saving Her Husband’s Life

There’s something to be said about a woman’s intuition. Michelle Silverman had a feeling that she needed to stay at home, and thankfully she did.

Michelle’s husband Gene has Parkinson’s disease. He has a challenging time moving because of constant neck pain, and spends most of his day every day sitting in his chair with his constant companion, Charlie the dog.

Normally, Michelle has a very busy day since she is the sole breadwinner of the family. You see, since Gene was diagnosed six years ago, Michelle has become the only one working. With this responsibility, she has to work multiple jobs starting early in the morning and going into late in the evening. So she normally doesn’t stay at home.


After she called into work, the voice was somewhat lessened, but she still just didn’t feel like they should spend their day sitting at home. Instead, she talked Gene into going with her to get the car’s oil changed and then they had lunch together.

Within two hours of the couple leaving, a 1998 Toyota Camry went barreling through the living room of their home, completely destroying the chair that usually housed Gene and Charlie. The living room was completely demolished, with many of the couple’s family heirlooms and important pieces destroyed. Some of these pieces included multiple photo albums and an armoire. Charlie was rescued from the house.


Gregory Wolff and his mother Anne were leaving their home when supposedly the accelerator stuck as they pulled out of their driveway. The car continued from the driveway, across the road, and through the yard and living room of their neighbor, finally coming to a stop in the back patio of the home. Neither the driver nor passenger were injured.

When the cops checked the car at the scene, it appeared to be operating fine. But no charges are being pressed against the family. The Silverman’s can no longer live in their old home and have had to move, which causes stress on Gene. This means that his conditioned is worsened, leaving him in even more debilitating pain than usual. And Michelle has to work even harder than before.


Despite the struggles, Michelle stays positive and everyone around her is impressed with how she is handling her current situation. Michelle is just thankful that she listened to that voice and stayed home, saving her husband’s life.

Photos: USA Today