9-Year-Old Girl Makes Unbelievable Sacrifice For Detroit Police

Impacted by acts of violence in Dallas, a 9-year-old girl shows compassion to police officers in her home town.

Samya McLaughlin heard the news of the tragic shooting in Dallas, Texas. Recently, she had a birthday where she was given money to spend on anything she wanted. What she chose? To buy lunch for the officers of the 11th precinct of Detroit.

Samya wanted the men and woman of her local law enforcement team to understand how much she appreciated everything they do on a daily basis.

“…I wanted to show them that I support them and I thank them for all that they do,” McLaughlin said.

The young girl and her mother drove to the store and purchased the supplies she needed. Bags for sandwiches, lunch meat, chips, fruit, and other snacks were all on the list.

9-year-old girl spends birthday money to buy lunch for police officers of Detroit

At home, the 9-year-old put together almost 30 handmade lunches.

Samya delivered the lunches to the police station where she received nothing but gratitude in exchange. It was decided she deserved the title of “officer of the day” as a sincere thank you.

“It makes you feel proud,” Samya’s father, Sam Walker, explains. “She has a big heart and she knows how to care, and she knows how to appreciate what’s going on.”

Samya didn’t end her generosity at the police station. Later that same day, she delivered 30 more sacked lunches to the homeless.

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Source: CBS News