99-Year-Old Doesn’t Let Her Age Stop Her from Giving-She Sews 1,000 Dresses for Girls In Africa

This 99-year-old accomplished an amazing goal before her 100th birthday. The ‘sewing machine’ managed to hand stitch 1,000 dresses to clothe little girls in Africa.


Lillian Weber was the definition of selfless. The elderly lady doesn’t spend her time watching TV or visiting with friends. She sits in her farmhouse, sewing a dress a day for impoverished little girls. Not just any dresses, customized dresses. The nearly century old woman makes sure each and every creation is different from the last.

“She personalizes them all,” Lillian’s daughter, Linda, states. “It’s not like good enough that she makes the dresses, she …has to give it her touch.”


In the last two years, the busy worker has sewn an astounding 840 little outfits, some taking years to complete. The Iowa resident made a promise to herself if she happened to reach 100 years old: Lillian vowed to sew 1,000 dresses. Miraculously enough, she did it.


T0 date, the woman’s creations have been shipped to over 33 different countries. Countless rphanages, churches, and schools, have experienced the woman’s generosity. Needless to say, Lillian has touched the lives of many. And what does she get out of it? The woman enjoys the pictures of the little girls wearing her beautiful handiwork.

The 99-year-old doesn’t see an end in sight when it comes to her sewing. In her own words, she’ll “continue to the next one.” Lillian gives a simple explanation as to why.

“It is just what I like to do.”

Watch Lillian’s detailed handiwork in the clip below.

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