911 Dispatcher Saves 12-Year Old From Burglar With Secret Code

Luke Fournier was home alone in his Massachusett’s house because he had to stay home from school since he was sick. While his parents were at work, an intruder broke into the home and proceeded to burglarize the house. Luke was forced to hide in a closet in order to protect himself, and he called 911 seeking help. The dispatcher that answered his call came up with an amazing way to keep Luke hidden, encouraging him to stay as quiet as possible while staying on the line of the phone call.

Luke said that he saw the man because he knocked on the door two different times, but Luke did not answer it since he was home alone. That was when the thief broke the glass door to let himself in. Luke immediately ran to his mother’s bedroom and locked himself in, all the while on the phone with the authorities. While the police were on their way, the dispatcher, T.J Deptula, encouraged Luke to stay as quiet as possible. But wanting to stay on the line and continue to get information, T.J. told Luke that “1 click” would mean yes, and 2-clicks would mean no. This meant that Luke could stay completely silent while continuing to answer questions for the dispatcher.


By the time the police arrived on the scene, the intruder had left. But it wasn’t long before he was caught. A man matching the description that Luke gave them right around the corner. He is a well known home invader, and was caught after a police chase. Luke was not harmed during the thief’s escapade through the house – probably because he was kept calm and silent by the dispatcher.

What an awesome idea TJ had! I’m sure Luke’s parents are so glad that he is safe and sound, and the intruder was caught.