9-Year-Old Boy Stands 30 Minutes in the Pouring Rain Just to Salute Fallen Officer

After a WWII veteran passes, a young boy feel it’s necessary to honor his presence, even in the pouring rain.

Jeremiah Joseph “Jerry” O’Keefe III lived a great life. As a WWII veteran, he had earned a title of a decorated pilot. He would go on to become a father of 13, a loving husband, the town mayor, and a well-known philanthropist.

A decorated fighter pilot, Jerry O'Keefe became an honored military man

A decorated fighter pilot, Jerry O’Keefe became an honored military man

He passed as a 93-year-old man. Honored and loved by the community, his funeral procession was a town event. A horn drawn carriage pulled the casket while men an uniform offered a bagpipe filled eulogies.


In the town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, a little boy made headlines after he stood barefoot in the pouring rain, with his hand over his heart through the 30 minute long funeral procession.

Kaiden stood in the pouring rain for over 30 minutes just to salute a fallen soldier

Kaiden stood in the pouring rain for over 30 minutes just to salute a fallen soldier

The family was moved by the touching image. They snapped a photo with hopes to put a name to the face. The mysterious child had never met Jerry O’Keefe but understood his presence in the community.

After some time, the little boy was identified as 9-year-old Kaiden Wade. Kaiden had been visiting his grandmother at the time and understood the funeral procession was scheduled to drive by her home.

kaiden-altar-boy-600x1066Not wanting to miss a moment, the little boy ran outside without socks or shoes. He remained in the same spot, in the pouring rain, for over 30 minutes.

One of Jerry’s daughters, Cecilia, was moved by Kaiden’s actions and said it will “always be etched into her memory.”

“This young fellow was the symbolism for the youth and vitality that was so present in my Dad,” Cecilia said.

The woman reached out to Kaiden’s family and invited them to the funeral home to offer the appropriate thank you in person. Jerry’s legacy was shared with the boy who was rewarded with some of his most precious keepsakes.

See the video below as the daily shares the appreciation for the boy.

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