89-Year-Old Sells Ice Cream to Survive Until Good Samaritan Writes Him This Life-Changing Check

An elderly man comes out of retirement after the loss of his daughter in order to support his sick wife. His career? The ice cream man.

Fidencio Sanchez, and his wife, Eladia, are residents of the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago. For decades Sanchez has been selling ice cream and popsicles to the children in his community. Each day he loaded up his frozen treats and proceeded to push his cart around the city.

One day, Joel Cervantes Macais drove through the neighborhood. What he saw broke his heart. The sight of the elderly man struggling to push his ice cream cart was “emotional” for him. Macias admired the man. He was not fazed by his age or strength and continued to work for a living.

Sanchez, at 89-years-old, continues to push around the ice cream cart like he has done for decades

Sanchez would sell ice cream for a few hours each day, usually taking home $50-$60. That was enough for his and his wife’s simple lifestyle. Sanchez decided it was time to retire. That choice was short lived.

Soon afterward, the couple lost their daughter. Around that same time, Eladia became very sick. Admirably, Sanchez went back to work like he had done for so many years before.

Macias took a photo of the elderly man that went viral after he posted it on Facebook. The online community decided they wanted to help. A GoFundMe account was set up for Sanchez and his wife, Eladia.

The Spanish couple receive their check and are ready to retire

The original goal? A meager $3,000. The couple had no idea what kind of support they would receive.

Over time, the funds grew. In the end, the couple was handed a check in the amount of $384,000. Finally, after decades of work, the 89-year-old was able to retire. He gave a statement that moved everyone to tears.

“No more work. I worked because I had to, but my body is no longer strong enough,” Sanchez told the crowd in Spanish. And what does the man intend to do with the money? After donating some to the Church, he plans to share it with his grandchildren that recently lost their mother.

Don’t forget to watch the truly heartwarming video posted below!

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Source: Daily Mail