87-Year-Old Finally Receives The Medals He Earned In WWII, Thanks To This Spunky Little Girl

After a 67-year long injustice, one WWII veteran finally received the recognition he deserved, thanks to an 8-year-old little girl.

Charles Mowbray bravely served his country as a U.S. Navy sailor during WWII, thankfully living through it.

In his elderly years, the war vet was frequently hosted by elementary schools, telling the children of his experiences in combat. During one such visit, he met Leanna Morris.


After hearing the 87-year-old’s speech, the little girl was confused. She couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t brought any of the medals he earned. With a heavy heart, Mowbray explained the government simply forgot to send the medals he earned for bravery. At 87-years-old, the man had yet to hold them in his hands.


“I thought the government would send ’em after awhile, but they didn’t,” Mr. Mowbray said.

Leanna was determined to change that.

“Mr. Mowbray has been waiting for 67 years, and we don’t want him to wait any longer!” Leanna wrote in a heartfelt letter to her senator, Barbara Mikulski.


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The little girl’s efforts paid off. Only a few weeks later, a surprise assembly was organized at the school, honoring Mr. Mowbray for his service. After six decades, the WWII veteran finally received his long lost combat medals. His response was short, but sweet.

“It was nice,” Charles said. “It was worth the wait.”