81-Year-Old Is Happier Than Ever After Fulfilling Lifelong Dream to Become a Girl Scout

Marilyn Vleck always kept her eye on the prize: a forest green Girl Scout’s vest.

As a young girl, she wasn’t given the opportunity to join the active social circle that was the Girl Scouts. Her family had limited funds and simply couldn’t afford the luxury.

Girl Scout Natalie Montalvo, 11, right, waits for her mom, Elena Ayala, center, to check herself and her sister Paola, 8, left, in with volunteer Marnye Hall during the National Girl Scout Convention held in Atlanta, Saturday,Oct. 8, 2005. (AP Photo/John Amis)

A few years later, the Nebraska resident celebrated her 81st birthday with a change of clothes -literally. Vleck joined the girls in green and became the Girl Scout she’d always imagined.

The idea originally came from Marilyn’s sister. who planned to gift the 81-year-old  a secondhand Girl Scout uniform on her birthday. After hearing Marilyn’s lifelong dream to join the Girl Scouts, the organization decided to up the ante.


Marilyn’s life, spent helping girls “build courage, confidence, and character,” perfectly embodied the Girl Scouts of Nebraska.

While celebrating her 81st birthday, Marilyn became the oldest living Girl Scout in the state!

See the Girl Scout’s tear-filled reaction during the ceremony!

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Source: Huffington Post