80 Year Old Woman Breaks Instagram after Granddaughter Contoured Her Face

Instagram’s newest makeup star is not someone you would expect. She’s an 80 year old grandmother named Livia, but she’s best known as “GLAM-MA” the contouring grandma.


Tea Flego, a makeup artist, is Livia’s granddaughter, and is the one that began these transformations that have made the 80 year old a recent star. The Croatian grandmother has long been the model for her granddaughter’s make up musings, but now she is receiving worldwide attention on Instagram from sharing the photos of the makeovers.


She’s even become a local celebrity in her own nursing home, with women wanting to do the “contour and glow” look that she’s sporting in most of the photos. Livia currently has five children, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren! They are all very excited and proud of their grandmother for becoming an internet star.


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The Croatian grandmother was astounded the first time she saw her look after Tea did her makeup. She couldn’t believe that you could “blur wrinkles” just by using makeup. They also define her eyebrows as well as her lips. Glam-ma had been on Instagram for nearly a year before she became recognized, but it wasn’t until Huda Kattan, an extremely successful and popular Instagram star with nearly 16 million followers, noticed and recognized her that Livia truly became world famous.

It’s absolutely awesome that a grandmother gets to experience some fame and stardom when she’s retired and in a nursing home. Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful, no matter what their age. Keep rocking it, GLAM-MA!

Photos: Instagram