8-Year-Old Orphan Just Wants Cards For The Holiday – 2Ton Truck Delivers Surprising Christmas Miracle

After a devastating accident took her entire family, one child was given hope for the future in Christmas cards.

Tiny little Safyre Terry was lucky to live through an arson fire in upstate New York. Sadly, her father and twin siblings were not. At only 8-years-old, the girl became the sole survivor of her family.

Safyre Terry

After 20 different surgeries and a miraculous recovery, Christmas was around the corner. Liz Dolder, Safyre’s aunt, wanted to include her young niece in the family traditions. Every year, the Dolders decorated their entire tree with Christmas cards they were given. Safyre was impressed with the idea but slightly doubtful it would happen.

“I don’t think it’s gonna get filled up, but I am sure we will get a few more cards,” the little girl said.


Boy, would she turn out to be right. Liz posted a picture of the towering tree with her niece’s comment. Hundreds of thousands of people saw and heard the family’s story. In a Christmas miracle, they came together to make the 8-year-old’s dream a reality.

When the mailman arrived at the Dolder household, he came with a two-ton service truck. Inside were 18,000 cards and 4,000 packages. That was only the beginning. Eventually, the $1 million stamped envelopes would reach the orphaned girl.


Safyre was shocked by the generosity of her community and beyond grateful for their support and love. But the donations didn’t stop there. A GoFundMe page was created for Safyre aimed at raising money for her college education. Their meager $15,000 goal was soon forgotten after donations totaled $400,000.

Liz thanked everyone who contributed warm wishes and heartfelt words. She was happy to be part of an experience that changed her niece’s life.

“This year was magical…” Liz said. “She (Safyre) believed… and all of you are making it happen.”

See one orphan’s Christmas miracle become a reality in the clip below.

Source: Daily News