8-Year-Old Boy Leaves Gift For His Friend, the Postman-The Hand Written Note Says it All

This young man thoughtfully took care of the unsung daily hero in his life.

Carmine and his neighborhood postman, Henry Bailey, had a pretty close relationship. The two would usually exchange a few words before Henry dropped off his family’s mail. Carmine idolized the postman. He even accompanied the Henry on a tour of the post office.

The 8-year-old understood how difficult it was to face the heat and humidity in Virginia during the summer. Day after day he saw Henry brave the scorching temperatures without complaint.

Carmine decided the postal worker deserved a reward for all his hard work. That summer had been particularly hot, breaking the record for the number of consecutive days that were over 100 degrees. Carmine had a “lightbulb” moment.

He figured Henry might enjoy a few refreshments to take with him while he finished up his mail route. Hoping to help the mailman cool down, Carmine left a red cooler on his front porch filled with ice cold Gatorade and water.

Carmine and Henry had a special relationship

Carmine and Henry had a special relationship

“They are really important so people can pay their bills and stuff like that and I didn’t want him to pass out pretty much,” Carmine said.

On top of the red lunchbox, the 8-year-old placed a handwritten note saying, “Dear Mailman: water and Gatorade in the cooler. Have a great day!”

Henry was immediately grateful someone had done something so thoughtful. Carmine’s mother happened to record the entire event. See the video below and watch Henry’s excitement after taking a sip.

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Source: Inside Edition