8 Year Old Becomes Unlikely Hero for 300 of His Friends

Who says 8 year olds can’t change the world?

Cayden Taipalus is a regular 3rd grade student… who just happened to raise $7000 for lunches for kids in his school.

Cayden witnessed an unfortunate situation that is occurring in schools all throughout America. If the child’s school account does not have enough money to cover their lunch, they are given a cold sandwich to eat instead of the hot meal that is paid for. This means that if the parents of the students aren’t careful, their child could end up eating a cheese sandwich at school simply because they forgot to put more money in their account – or even worse, if they can’t afford to put money in the account and didn’t pack a lunch. After witnessing one such event at his school, Cayden decided that he was going to find something to do about it.

The distraught little boy came home and talked to his mom, trying to decide how to best help the students in his school from not being able to get a hot lunch. His mom decided to start a Facebook page (and now a website) allowing their friends and family to donate money towards paying for lunches at Cayden’s school. Cayden appealed to all of his family and friends to donate money to his cause – and even began to recycle bottles and cans to help raise money himself!

The idea took off throughout his community. By the end of this adventure, he had raised nearly $7000, enough for 300 students to eat hot lunches. What started out as a little boy wanting to help his friend, ended up becoming an act that helped 300 of his new friends enjoy a hot lunch too.

What an incredible little boy, and what an amazing story! Just imagine if this became a real movement – students all over the US could be fed hot lunches!

Pictures: ABC

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