7-Year-Old in Wheelchair Has One Wish: A Treehouse He Can Play In-Look What His Parents to Do To Make it Happen

A child suffering from a painful disease receives the gift of a lifetime after the Make-a-Wish Foundation steps in.

Hayden Trigg was a regular kid. He had plenty of energy, lots of friends, and dream of one day having a treehouse. The only difference? The 1st grader was born with two, rare disorders.

Hayden wouldn't let his wheelchair keep him from playing outside

Hayden wouldn’t let his wheelchair keep him from playing outside

After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spina bifida, Hayden was forced to live his life strapped in a wheelchair. Not being able to run and play like other kids his age made it difficult for him to maintain friendships. Make-a-Wish was going to change that.

The non-profit foundation reached out to Austin Tree Houses, a business known for creating the most elaborate and outrageous structures in Texas. Make-a-Wish requested a handicap friendly and wheelchair accessible design plan. Somehow, they would have to fit the entire structure into a 200-year-old oak tree in the child’s backyard.

The treehouse stood in his family's 200-year-old oak tree

The treehouse stood in his family’s 200-year-old oak tree

After the project was complete, Hayden extended invitations to the kids in his class to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Everyone gathered in Hayden’s backyard to unveil his brand new tree house. The ribbon was cut and the crowd offered a round of applause.

Hayden cuts the ribbon at the official ceremony

Hayden cuts the ribbon at the official ceremony

Adrienne Trigg, the boy’s mother, understood the impact this kind gesture had on her son.

“It’s leveled the playing field for him,” she explained. “He goes outside but cannot play, but that will change this summer.”


After his tree house was built, Hayden insisted spending every waking moment inside it. That even included his weekly physical therapy sessions. The boy’s family is just as obsessed. His mother even anticipates future sleepovers in the coming summer months.

“It was the best day of his life,” Adrienne said. “His wish was to share it with his friends. He’s got to be the most popular kid in school right now.”

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Source: ABC News