5-Year Old Hero Saves Allowance To Help Entire Police Department


They say a little kindness goes a long way. That’s why when our little 5 year old hero William Evertz Jr. decided to help the police officers that keep his neighborhood safe, he did so in the only way he knew how. By saving up his little allowance money for over seven months, William figured he’d collect enough to treat the local police officers to a nice lunch so they did not have to worry about their meal for a day.

He took his hard-earned savings to a local Winslow Township Subway in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and ordered a handful of sandwiches to deliver to the Winslow Township Police Department.

“William chose to buy lunch from his allowance from Subway because he wants the officers to be healthy,” the Winslow Township Police Department added in on their Facebook post.

What a darling! Williams does not plan on stopping there with his acts of charity goodness, he has already planned donations of clothes, school supplies, & toys to domestic violence shelters. And that’s not enough for William though, he also plans to donate food and supplies to neighboring animal shelters.

Commended by the entire Winslow Township Police Department for his genuine selflessness, the department honored him with a special shirt and badge to represent his bond with the police officers. They even gave him a ride home in a police car with the sirens and lights treatment!


I think its truly amazing to see one little kid like William have such a selfless and charitable attitude. His kindness is a great inspiration to the rest of us, and goes to show that when we all give a little, it can go a long way in changing someone else’s life (or day).

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