3-Year-Old is Said to Have “Risen from the Dead” -You Should See Him Now

Their child was dying. It was time to pull the plug. Then, doctors rushed in with life-changing news.

Mike and Kerry Askin were devastated after their 3-year-old son, Dylan, was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. What came next was even worse. After months of treatment, Dylan’s heart rate was still high, his oxygen levels were low, and he wasn’t responding to antibiotics.


The toddler’s health rapidly deteriorated after his major organs started failing. 3-year-old Dylan was put on life support.  His parents were forced to make an impossible decision.

“He was clearly suffering…the consultant asked us to make the decision to switch off his life support machine on Good Friday,” Kerry recalled.


Dylan lay motionless in his hospital bed while his parents prepared to say goodbye, tears streaming down their faces. Then, a miracle happened, moments before they planned to pull the plug.

“When the doctor came rushing in with his blood test, I just looked at Kerry straight away and this wave of hope came flowing back,” said Mike.


The astonishing news was almost unbelievable by medical standards. Miraculously, the boy knocking at death’s door, was getting better…fast. His heart rate had lowered, his oxygen levels had risen, and his body was responding to medication.

Mysteriously, Dylan had been on the same exact treatment for months with no improvement before he suddenly recovered. Doctors called it a miracle saying that he had “risen from the dead.”


Dylan became stronger and stronger as time went on. Before the family knew it, doctors were advising the 3-year-old could breathe on his own.

The parents credit their intense family bond to Dylan’s perseverance in the grueling fight.

“…we’re able to be strong together,” Kerry stated. “…but it was Dylan who turned out to be the strongest of us all.”

See the brave 3-year-old’s fight for life in this inspiring video.

Source: Daily Mail