20 Celebs That Fought Drug Addiction & Won

 Celebs and drug addictions are like bread and peanut butter. They go together but at one point they will either cut the bad habit and transfer to yoga or… theyll eventually make a band about pizza. There is also the infamous 27 club that has taken too much lives already. Money, publicity and too many temptations usually lead to drug addictions. Drug and cocaine abuse are still pretty common in Hollywood and many stars have successfully overcome them. Not only are these celebs stronger now, they are also an inspiration to many people who still battle drug addictions.

Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

1. Slash is of course one of the biggest icons in the rock and roll world. He also used to be one of the most famous drug users in the music business. But Slash didnt give up. Due to his congestive heart failure diagnosis in 2001, Slash received the much needed motivation to fight this dangerous habit. His wife also encouraged him and thanks to his will and support, the former Guns n Roses guitarist won the battle.

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