18 Year Old Genius Seamstress Makes Breathtaking Dresses

Most 18 year olds I know are talented in their own way – whether it’s by being crafty, artistic, or even writing. But I honestly can’t say I know that many 18 year old seamstresses. And none of my friends when I was 18 were making dresses that look straight out of a disney movie.


But that’s exactly what Angela Clayton is doing. What started out as a fun hobby of cosplaying has turned into what could easily become a fashion empire – all created with her own bare hands. Angela, now 19, started making dresses and costumes for herself at the age of 14 because she thought it was fun. She was really into anime and cosplaying, even going to different conventions to be around others with the same interests. But she quickly realized that the costumes sold online were out of her price range. So she started to make her own.

Now, she has branched out from simple cosplay to doing period costumes, original designs. These designs and dresses are absolutely fantastic – she looks like a pro, and she’s still just a teenager! She is on social media and has her own blog for her dresses and projects, and recently became extremely popular on the internet. You would never know that she is an amateur by her pictures – even the pictures of the dresses themselves are so well done it would appear that she uses a professional photographer. She does her own make up for these pictures and everything!

Her original designs include one white dress that looks like a fairy-princess, and her period costumes are right on the money. It’s so impressive what she has done with her own brain and imagination – especially putting it into the fabric and achieving such a high quality result.

Angela reports that she hopes to make a living out of it – in costuming and design.

We all wish you the best, Angela, and I’m confident you will be able to achieve that dream EASILY!

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