18 Remarkable Photos That Show The Incredibleness of Life

Our planet never ceases to amaze. As the home to billions of people and trillions of species, earth is one cool place to be.

Surrounded by some of the weirdest natural phenomenons and mind-blowing celestial events, we’re capturing it all on camera. These stunning photographs are absolutely mesmerizing … and before you ask, yes, they are 100% real.

1.  Pacific Ocean From Space


Interestingly, right in the center of that photograph, there’s a spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean farthest from any landmass on earth called the Spacecraft Cemetery. Think of it as the most exclusive scientific burial ground in the world: home to hundreds of manmade space objects that have run out of fuel or completed their missions. The smartest space scientists from NASA to Russia to SpaceX have figured out how to carefully plan out the re-entry of these large bodies, and they’ve gone as far as chosing a place on Earth where these spacecraft can go to safely rest, in order to eliminate the risk of human casualties from scorching hot space debris.

For example, the International Space Station will eventually crash into the Pacific Ocean upon its decommissioning, planned sometime around 2028.

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