16 Year Old Creates Wheelchair for Disabled Moms


Every mother looks forward to being able to carry their baby in their arms, as well as push them in a stroller when she is out running errands. But for this one mom, it gets a little more complicated.

Sharina Jones was shot at only 5 years old. Because of this injury, she is now completely dependent upon a wheelchair for any type of access to the outside world. When Sharina was 30 years old and found out that she was going to have her first child, this became a major concern for her.

You see, there is no easy way to push a stroller and control her wheelchair. Without a type of device or a special type of stroller, it is essentially completely impossible to push a stroller while also pushing the wheels on her wheelchair.

Alden Kain is a 16 year old high school student in Detroit who was enrolled in a “special design” class, in which he had a project where he was paired up with a civilian and try to solve a problem. So his project became a special stroller that would allow Jones to push her baby while still being in her wheelchair.

6 months and many, many hours of work later, he had a prototype that was extremely successful. Kain had talked with Jones many times, determined the important pieces of information such as maneuverability, the ability to hold a diaper bag, and even the ability to unhook the stroller from her wheelchair so she could maneuver around in her chair.

When the prototype was given to Sharina, she absolutely loved it. Kain got to experience the absolute joy and wonder of seeing your months of hard work being used and completely appreciated by a client. The prototype gave Sharina everything she wanted – the ability to unhook the stroller from her wheelchair, the ability to push her baby in a stroller while also maneuvering her wheelchair, and a place to put a diaper bag.

Watch how the stroller works below! Kain definitely has a bright future ahead of him!

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