12-Year Old Santa Sews A Teddy Bear A Day for Sick Children

After visiting a friend in the hospital, a young boy is inspired to create his own gifts for sick children.

Campbell Rememss asked his mother to buy Christmas presents for the children in a local hospital after he saw they were without. Obviously, the family could afford no such thing. Then, the 12-year-old Australian had an idea. His mother wouldn’t have to buy the toys… he would make them.

Campbell’s unique take on the teddy bear was an instant hit

After purchasing fabric, buttons, and stuffing, Campbell was ready to go. His plan? To sew teddy bears for sick kids. The stuffed animals would become a huge hit. The 12-year-old couldn’t have been prepared for what happened next.

Campbell became faster and faster at sewing his one-of-a-kind bears.  Soon, he was completing a bear a day. Inspired by his kindness, the community decided to repay his generosity.

Volunteers surprised Campbell with $1,000 and helped convert his room into the ‘teddy bear factory.’ Thousands of dollars in materials were also donated to further the cause. 


Three years later, the once temporary idea had spawned a global phenomenon. 365 Campbell was born. As a non-profit organization, the company was shipping the bears internationally, auctioning them off at charity events, and donating them to shelters and hospitals around the world.

Now 15-years-old, the teen recalled what inspired him as a child.

“I was sad that kids were in the hospital for Christmas, and I wanted to surprise them and make them smile.”

Watch the inspirational footage using the link below.

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Source: ABC News